Jun 26, 2013 by Linda

"Dr. Duc P. Vo has been my orthopedic physician since Feb 2006. Surgery for my shoulder very successful & he cares about me as a person! He listens intently & responds with outstanding compassion. He sees me for all orthopedic needs & I've ALWAYS been VERY pleased with his care! Thanks Doc Vo you are an OUTSTANDING & AMAZING Doc & top notch people person too!!"



Jun 06, 2013 by David

"I have been seeing Dr Klein for over 20 yrs. Couldn't ask for better care, love him like a brother. For my knee replacement Dr Klein has handed me over to Dr Zoys great surgeon " Young Gun you might say " I am thinking Dr K is looking to retire and play golf and tennis. Don't see him whittling wood somewhere on a porch in the country. Next door Orthopedic Physical Therapy great place for re-hab."



Mar 25, 2013 by Ken 

"I think Duc Vo can walk on water...  He has done my shoulder replacements and both Knees. Love him!"



Feb 26, 2013 by Dell 

"In 2003 my mom's leg was hurting her and she would hold it and cry for hours. We would take to the emergency room, get xrays and drugs that should have killed the pain but didn't. We took her to SEVERAL doctors and one doctor even had her in therapy walking track. Finally someone told me about Dr. Johnson, I made an appointment and within a few days he called us in to give us the news, it wasn't osteoporosis or any of the other things, it was her lung cancer than had returned and was in the L4 in her spine. He then sent us to one of the most fabulous oncologist back surgeons ever and to one of the best oncologist ever. My mother did die but she was cancer free when she did, all thanks to Dr. Johnson who was the "sports" doctor that saved her life from pain and cancer. Today, I am taking my son to see him due to shoulder pain and how relieved I am that my son will see the best doctor in the world! Thank You God for Your Favor!"



Jan 05, 2013 by LIz

"Dr. Johnson performed a knee replacement for me last January (2012). This was after 3 worker's comp doctors did absolutely nothing for me. I was released 7 months early and can do things that I haven't done in 15 years. I easily go up and down stairs and can walk forever on this knee. He was also very informative and really cared about getting me back on my feet and on the road to a healthy life style. I am most appreciative for all that he and his staff did for me."



Dec 06, 2012 by Susan

I was seeing another dr for my hand,needless to say that dr messed my hand up more then it was. I was referred to Dr Vo from a different dr. I was so overwhelmed because my hand hurt and I couldn't use it, for over 3 yrs. Dr Vo fixed my hand and I have full function of my hand now. It took several surgeries to fix it. I even went back to Dr Vo when I broke my foot. Dr Vo is amazing. I would recommend Dr Vo to anyone. He is caring and explains what it is he is going to do.



Nov 08, 2012 by Sandra

"Dr. Zoys is the most compassionate, caring doctor I've ever met. Takes time for your questions and to explain everything, including using models of what he'll be doing in surgery. I am so very happy with the way he fixed my very bad hip."



Oct 01, 2012 by Betsy

"Dr. Vo is an excellent physician! He took the time out to explain everything. It was a great first time experience."



Sep 13, 2012 by Tammy

"My father is Dr. Vo's patient. Doctor Vo is very good, and very nice. Thank you."



Aug 27, 2012 by Debbie

"Dr. Zoys is the ONLY doctor that I will see for my orthopedic needs. Replaced both of my knees and they are working great!! Thanks Dr. George!!!"



Jul 27, 2012 by Monica

"I think Dr. Vo is an awesome orthopedic doctor. He has seen two of my children for different reasons. And he was really great with them. He's the #1 orthopedic doctor in my book. I would refer family and friends to him."



Jul 09, 2012 by Maxine

"Dr. Zoys did surgery in 2010 on my knee, and in 2008 (ankle injury) for my husband. We were both able to resume our regular jobs and have rehabbed well following our surgery. The office staff was caring and friendly as well. Dr. Zoys answered our questions patiently and shared information freely as well. We were both well-pleased with our care before and following surgery."



Jun 08, 2012 by Joanne

"Loved the clinic.....
Dr.Vo, is fantastic!!!!!
You rock!!!!!"